Dining Room: Complete

I am almost 28 years old and not worried one bit about my crawl to thirty.  My birthday is at the prime time of the year when there is so much excitement in the air, good weather, lilacs blooming, and summer so very close.  This weather change and general May merriment leads me to be insanely productive this month – spring cleaning, organizing, reading outside – all of the beautiful things in this world.


I finally found the perfect print for our dining room wall.  The space has been bare and ugly for months now, so it was time to make a decision.

Enter Photojojo!  I have always perused their website for photography supplies, but this past year they started offering $20 engineering prints of your own photos.  This puppy is 4×3 feet, and the picture is one of B’s from China – yogurts for sale.  Perfect for our kitchen/dining area.


I’m still trying to find the right frame, but for now, thumbtacks will just have to do.


B bought me this orchid last year, and the plant stayed dead and ugly for the majority of that time.  Then, one day, blooms were bursting.  Such a delicate, odd plant with much more to it than I ever expected.


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